Being a publicly funded project, the ERATO Hasuo MMSD project places a high emphasis on its public outreach work. As part of this effort, this year we will be hosting a series of monthly seminars for our partners of the automotive industry. After a successful offline seminar in February we decided to hold the March edition online in form of a Zoom meeting. The subject was the use of Monitoring and Pattern Matching for the validation of blackbox cyber-physical systems based on specification and system log output alone.

Remote seminar tech equipment
The setup of our remote seminar room.

Over 40 participants joined in and joined the almost five hour long steam. Together with my colleagues Masaki Waga and Prof Ichiro Hasuo, we managed to successfully explain the topic and there was active audience interest and participation during the Q&A part of the seminar. Since the actual seminar was held in Japanese, my colleagues handled the actual presentation while I remained in the background to handle the technical infrastructure. This included setting up the audio and video equipment, enabling and disabling microphones of speakers and viewers, orchestrating the presentations from several computers and making sure that the audience could interact with us in chat.

View from my desk
The view from my desk. I made sure everything runs smoothly.

In the end, the seminar ran smoothly with a few minor hiccups. Thanks to all colleagues who helped us during the seminar preparation and on the day.