A few weeks ago, my professor came to my office and asked whether I would like to participate in a workshop in Barbados. Without a hesitation I agreed and booked my tickets.

Now that I’m back from the sent me to the CAMPaM 2016 workshop, I have to say that it was actually hard work. Even though it sounded like a paid vacation at the beginning, we got up early every day and worked until late in the evenings. My team, for instance, researched the application of Experimental Frames (as proposed by B. Zeigler), and identified the need for their extension. We are currently in the “aftermath” process, collecting our findings to submit in a research paper.

However, despite the hard work, we also found the occasional spare minute to enjoy the sun, beach and sea directly behind McGill’s Bellairs campus. The photo below shows one of the marvellous sunsets.

Sunset behind McGill's Bellairs campus in Barbados