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Work Experience

since Dec 2022 Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

University Assistant AI recently joined the Institute for Business Informatics – Software Engineering at the JKU Linz in Austria. Under the guidance of Prof Manuel Wimmer, I will be working on a variety of topics including systems modelling, model-driven engineering and digital twins.

Jan 2020 - Nov 2022 National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo

Postdoctoral Researcher At the Erato MMSD project, I work a variety of projects ranging from automata-based verification of hybrid automata, illustration of formal specifications to test resource allocation using fuzzy logics. Primarily, I work on the testing and verification of black box systems, specifically automated driving systems. In the course, I developed the novel kNN-Averaging method to improve the performance of noisy search-based testing of automated driving scenarios. I am also a member of the Ishikawa lab which investigates Engineerable AI and was awarded a two-year JSPS Kakenhi research grant to investigate integration testing of CPS components.

Jul 2019 - Dec 2019 University of Geneva

Postdoctoral Researcher My employment at the University of Geneva was extended to advance two of the projects that I work on. In this role, I developed the server-side component of the ProveIt! second-screen application and continued my research on CREST.

Jan 2014 - Jun 2019 University of Geneva, CERN

PhD Student, Researcher In my PhD I worked on the modelling and verification of cyber-physical systems using DSLs. During the first three years of my PhD, I was placed at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, where I developed a method to automatically generate unit test cases based on source code written in the proprietary “Control” programming language.

Mar 2013 - Sep 2013 British Broadcasting Corporation

MSc. Project: Virtual Sport @ BBC I researched possibilities to visualise live sports events on a web-based GUI and developed a schematic representation that allows users to follow the actions of a football game. The prototype was shown to be highly scalable and, as a result, the BBC continued development of this technology.

May 2012 - Aug 2012 Kapsch TrafficCom AG

Software Quality Manager, Software Engineer I developed a unit testing and quality assurance framework for an automated road tax system. The software is powerful enough for efficient regression fault discovery and diagnostics by expert developers and simple enough for new clients to perform acceptance tests.

Feb 2011 - Jan 2012 CERN

Software Developer (Technical Student Program) I developed a framework for the automated testing of user interface at CERN. The tests simulate mouse and keyboard events and perform system tests to discover regression faults. I took responsibility in prioritisation of testing efforts, designed and implementing the test procedures, and automatically creating summarised test reports for developers and managers. My approach was published at the 13th ICALEPCS conference.